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So... why you Should MUST become an Authority, Celebrity, and Expert "A.C.E."...
(AKA The "Must-Have" and "Go-To") earn the highest possible marketing ROI and recession-Proof your business?
From: Preston Bates and Isabella Bates
Fairfax, VA

My fellow entrepreneur and future A.C.E. business owners,

You are here because you are one of the gritty, ambitious, and committed entrepreneurs who always seek innovative and effective ways to grow your business and change people's lives.

You are a coach, a consultant, an author, a professional service provider, or an internet marketer. You could be launching a new business, or wanting to expand your existing business.

You've probably read many blogs on marketing, read books, bought courses, joined memberships, or even traveled to attend seminars.

But you're still looking for a solution...

You're still looking for that ONE special path that you know when you find it, you can finally stop wondering if you need "another way", and start executing and making steady progress along ONE course until you succeed.

You haven't found that "perfect roadmap" yet because all that you've learned so far, while fabulous and amazing in their own ways, seemed disintegrated at best and contradictory at worst when you try to piecemeal different paradigms and separate learnings together to make them work for your business.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. You've arrived at the right place and we have a solution for you.

If that does NOT describe you because you always delegate marketing to an agency or staff, this is still the right page you should be reading. What you'll learn could change your business and change your life.

There have been times in our lives where we believed the idea of:
"If I get really good at This ONE marketing technique, all my problems will be fixed and i will earn a million dollars"
That didn't happen, did it?

You've probably soon realized there are only more and more you need to "get really good at".

Still, your desire to learn is applaudable. You are one of the rare groups of business owners who want to get good at EVERYTHING they do. We are just like you. So listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you...

What you DON'T need is another "niche" book on ONE isolated marketing strategy to help you drill really deep into ONE aspect of your business, whether that is email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, copywriting, webinar sales, funnel building, or speaking on stages...

Why? Because if you grow you business by going deep on ONE isolated path at a time, you'll soon find yourself losing sight of the forest for the trees.

You'll get trapped so deep into the rabbit hole of ONE area of your business (that might not even be the absolute necessary thing to work on with the amount of specialization from YOU) while leaving other areas of your business (that actually do require your focus and attention) stay indefinitely on-hold... because you haven't finished writing that email, building that website, or finishing that book.

Surely, it's a wonderful goal to want to get really good at everything, but if you are constraint by time and resources (as most entrepreneurs do) to achieve a certain outcome (such as growing your business), you have to prioritize, eliminate, and delegate.

Or else, if you indulge in pure learning with no strategic direction in mind, your bank account will dry up. And you'll wonder why you've learned so much but haven't made meaningful progress yet.

That's why we wrote the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets just for you.

A.C.E. Marketing is an overarching strategy that supports and guides all necessary marketing and sales strategies along an entrepreneur's journey of growing yourself and your businesses to the Top 1%, regardless of where you start, even if you don't have a product to sell yet.

A.C.E. Marketing Secrets is a proven roadmap that walks you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to go from where you are today to an expert, an authority, a celebrity, and an "A.C.E." in your niche... so that you can command premium pricing, get paid what you're worth, be respected by your peers, and have the power to decide who you want to work with, when, and where.

You can get the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets for FREE for a limited time. There's really no reason you shouldn't get it. Just click the button below and give me your address and I'll ship it to you.
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If you are one of those business owners who delegate marketing to an agency or staff, you have a different problem. We've helped many people just like you, and we've been there ourselves, too.

You've probably thought that:
"If I just hire a marketing or advertising agency to run one campaign, my business can go from almost bankruptcy to having a surge of sales!"
How did that turn out?

You see, a surge campaign is like feeding your business an aspirin to get over its headache. It could work very well as a short-term solution for acute pain relief.

But just like an aspirin can't guarantee that your headache doesn't come back ever again, a ONE-OFF marketing campaign can't guarantee that your business's problems are somehow magically fixed from the source... and it won't matter how much the "doctors" (your average marketing "gurus") try to talk your head off when it's time to schedule your "next appointment" (renew your campaign) that their "prescription" (the one surge) actually solved your problem.

But wait, if the "pills" worked, why do we need it again?

You might've already realized this... a temporary sales injection doesn't mean long-term revenue growth.

And your options to gain sustainable and predictable revenue growth are:
(1) Consistently reinvest in hiring marketing agencies to run campaigns for your business; or
(2) Diagnose and treat the root cause for your business's "illness" and find a path for it to gain optimal health.

Option one is the easy way out. It demands less time for you to learn at the expense of more money given to others. But money is not the problem. The problem is that when you hire someone to do marketing for you, you are essentially putting the entire lifeline of your business into someone else's hands. I'd caution any business owner to give away the power of marketing entirely to others.

Option two is the smart thing to do. It solidifies your business foundations, and only when the roots are strong and healthy can what's grown on top of it (AKA your business) achieve long-term growth and success. I'd encourage all business owner to treat not the symptom but the root cause for their businesses' conditions.

We wrote the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets as a tool to help you maximize the success probability, or win rate, of both options - (1) maximizing your marketing return-on-investment (ROI), as well as (2) building sustainable long-term growth.

You'll learn the crown-jewel top 1% marketing, sales, and business secrets and principles and use them to identify the sequence, focus, and necessary components for your next marketing campaign, so that you can be more prepared when hiring a marketing agency to get higher and more consistent Return-On-Investment (ROI).

You can finally stop shooting in the dark, picking random to-do's, or worse yet, letting someone else choose your destiny for you.

You'll also discover proven yet little-known (or never-better-articulated) strategies to strengthen the foundation for your business, including identifying your target audience, honing your message, finding the "riches in the niches", articulating your unique selling proposition, creating offers based on supply and demand, and getting an economist's view and advice on pricing and building a business (Preston is a graduate level economist by training)...

You can use the secrets in this book to solidify the base and nourish the roots for your "business money tree" to grow verdant leaves, bear luscious fruits, and rain "money flower" from the sky when the wind blows...

Again, you can get the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets NOW For FREE for a limited time.
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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there probably have been times in our lives where we believed the idea of:
"If I Offer More Value At a Cheaper Price Than My Competitors, I Will have an endless stream of buyers ready to give me money..."
So we lower our prices…

We drop our hourly rates…

We add on more bonuses to our products and services…

We create courses, write books, and build memberships and give them away at a discount…


We've hoped that IF we offer the BEST service, create the MOST VALUABLE product, and offer them at the CHEAPEST price possible, people will buy from us and never cancel.
but... sales don't just happen automatically. Then we CHASE our buyers with new offers, more bonuses, “BEGGING” them to buy from us...
But unfortunately, our customers or clients never “see eye to eye” with us on the value we create for them... they would go price shopping or get overwhelmed by what we offer and don’t take action.

Is that your story right now? Is that why you’re here?

Have you created an amazing product or program, but you are not and you don’t know HOW to capture the value of it?

Is it true that you know you can solve your customers’ problems better than anyone, but you don’t want to chase after your potential buyers and do the cold, hard “selling”?

Have you built a successful consultancy, but competition is stiff and you want to know how to keep your competitors from “stealing” your customers and shrinking your market share?

Maybe you have a successful coaching program, but you want to raise rates, but you are afraid that if you do, you might lose sales…

Maybe you run a professional practice, but you just can’t understand why your competitors (who are not as smart or work as hard as you) seem to get more clients and make more sales than you do...

Maybe you sell products online, but you are sick and tired of the rat race of price-racing to the bottom, and want to capture more value of what you create...

But there is so much INFORMATION out there, overwhelming you, leaving you not knowing what to do next.

Have you ever thought…
"If I am not the “Must-Have” and “Go-To” in My Niche... Am I Just Someone “Nice-To-Have” Who Can Be Easily Disposed When The Economy Is Bad and Competition Is Stiff?"
You should have an answer in mind...

If you are a serious business owner who wants to control your destiny and grow the business of your dreams, we are going to help you get that definite "Yes, my business is a Must-Have and I can thrive in any economy".

Time to introduce ourselves...

My name is Preston Bates, and together with my partner Isabella Bates, we wrote a NEW book called A.C.E. Marketing Secrets that teaches you exactly how to become an Authority, Celebrity, and Expert “A.C.E.” in your niche.

Why should you listen to us? Well, we are serial entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes many times. We know what you're going through. We've been there, done that. And there's probably no one as obsessed, driven, and result-oriented as we are about launching, growing, and optimizing a business.

Over the past 10 years or so, Isabella and I have independently and as a unit build many businesses across digital marketing, TV media buying, political consulting, sales and advertising, and launched several technology and health & wellness startups.

We built and sold $20,000 / mo consulting services, high-ticket coaching programs, information products, memberships, and live events...

We sold businesses to Google, mentored by Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, studied after Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy...

But our success today is built on a solid foundation of many trials and errors. But lucky for you, you can bypass a big phase of trials and errors by learning from other people's mistakes. And that's why we wrote the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets - to save you time, money, and efforts on your journey of growing your business so that you can go from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest distance possible.
What would it mean for your business if you had a proven A.C.E. Growth formula that helps you go from where you are (A "Nice-To-Have") to where you want to be (A "Must-Have")?
And that's exactly what the A.C.E. Marketing Secrets is going to help you do.

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And i'll rush a FREE copy of my brand new book directly to your doorstep, aSAP
Who is a.C.E. Marketing Secrets For?
If you’ve ever been frustrated by:
  • Having to "give it away for free" just to beg for another sales...
  • ​Talking to bad leads over the phone who never intended on buying...
  • ​Repeating yourself over and over again but still not understood by your prospects...
  • ​Offering enormous value but capturing not nearly enough of what you're worth...
  • ​Spending hours writing emails and blogs but not going anywhere...
  • ​Buying advertising but all you got were "likes" or "views" but "no sales"...
  • ​Having high hopes about that one marketing campaign only to be let down by its poor results...
  • ​Losing sleep over dry sales pipeline that you don't even know how to fix it...
  • ​Stressing out over work and letting it affect your personal life, too...
This is the book that will help you SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT and PUT YOUR STRESS TO REST.

This is the book that will multiply your success with a fraction of the work……make more money with half the hassle...... and earn trust and respect from your customers, clients, and peers.

This is the book that will guide your every marketing decision and give you clarity and confidence over what you should do next…... no more soul searching over the internet only to get information overload, or wasting precious resources and not going anywhere.
What is a.C.E. Marketing Secrets?
It is NOT just another “marketing” book on how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS...
Though it will help you get higher Return-On-Investmen (ROI) on any future marketing, sales, or advertising campaigns you're planning on doing to increase your bottom line profits.

It is NOT a book about LEAD GENERATION...
Though it will help you attract a higher quantity of qualified buyers at a cheaper cost per acquisition than what you are spending right now.

It is NOT a book about SALES CONVERSION...
Though it will help you close more sales without “selling” and convert dormant leads in your email list into paying customers or clients.

Though it will help you keep more customers or clients, prevent cancellations, and even get them to pay you more to stay longer.

It is NOT a book about INCREASING REFERRALS...
Though it will help you build word-of-mouth traffic sources and make you the “must-have” and “go-to” in your industry.

It is NOT a book about PRODUCT CREATION...
Though it will help you identify your WHO and zero in on the right target audience, clarify your message with clear call-to-actions, and create high-converting content that will encourage your audience to buy from you.

It is NOT a book about PRICING STRATEGIES...
Though it will help you raise rates and prices without losing customers or sales while attracting more qualified buyers for your product or service.

It is NOT a book about PAID ADVERTISING...
Though it will help you lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC) so that you can spend less to earn more and get a much higher Return-On-Investment (ROI) and Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS).
the a.C.E. Marketing Secrets is a sHORTCUT
While there is no “get-rich-fast scheme”, if you do what the book says, you will definitely get richer a lot faster than you would without the proven yet little known secrets that the top 1% business owners use to grow their business, thrive in any economy, and annihilate all competition by becoming an Authority, Celebrity, and Expert “A.C.E.” in their industry.

It IS a book about how every entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author, speaker, internet marketer, and service provider can use the Power of an Expert, the Influence of an Authority, and the Status of a Celebrity to make more sales and grow a high-profit, high-impact, and high-status business… especially if the economy is bad and things are outside of your control.

Click the button below and get your A.C.E. Marketing Secrets now while it's fresh on your mind.
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And i'll rush a FREE copy of my brand new book directly to your doorstep, aSAP
When you claim your FREE copy of A.C.E. Making Secrets, you’ll discover:
  • ​The single most important thing you must do to have a stronger impact, live life on your terms, grow your profits, be respected in the community (and how to do it) – Preface
  • ​Whether the road to success, profit, economic growth is the default state of nature or a special process (and what that means for your business) – Preface
  • ​What profit should signal about your business (and how to know whether your profit is healthy or not) – Preface
  • ​The range of return on investment (ROI) that you should expect for your marketing efforts as compared to other capital assets (and how you can get higher returns than anyone else with what you control) – Preface
  • ​The top two reason why some people hate capitalism (and how this affects your business) – Preface
  • ​The invisible enemy conspiring to crush your business (and how you can fight back) – Preface
  • ​Why your mission and vision and ethical business is the key to everything (and how it separates you from your competition and puts you into a special category of one) – Preface
  • ​Why becoming an Authority, Celebrity, and Expert is the single most important thing you can do to serve your customers, take care of your team, and make an impact on your community (and how to get started) – Preface
  • ​The one mindset or ethical issue you must settle before becoming an A.C.E. (and why I’m counting on you to do this) – Preface
  • ​Why capitalism vs. crapitalism may be the defining political and economic question of our era (and why your business is the focal point of it all) – Preface
  • ​Why some people get everything they want in life, while others struggle (and how to take control of your destiny) – Chapter 1
  • ​Why some become “overnight media successes” while others struggle day-in, day-out (and what to do speed yours up) – Chapter 1
  • ​The difference between business owners who grow to six, seven, eight, or nine figures and still have time for what they love while others struggle to barely stay afloat (and how you can join the former group)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What power, influence, and status have to do with your success (and how becoming an A.C.E. influences these)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What exactly an A.C.E. is (and how to know if you’re one or not)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What makes an expert an “Expert” (and how to know if you’re one or not)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What makes an authority an “Authority” (and how to know if you’re one or not)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What makes a celebrity a “Celebrity” (and how to know if you’re one or not)  – Chapter 1
  • ​The hierarchy of A.C.E. (and how to know where you stand)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What it means to be an A.C.E. (and how it impacts your business)  – Chapter 1
  • ​How to recognize A.C.E.s in everyday life (and know whether you’ve been impacted by one or not)  – Chapter 1
  • ​Identifying the intangible, A.C.E.-iness (and what it means or could mean for your business)  – Chapter 1
  • ​This hidden, little know gauge that you already use to determine trustworthiness (and why you must have it in your business or face extinction)  – Chapter 1
  • ​Why A.C.E-iness makes your business demand proof (and gives you price elasticity so you can command top of market prices)  – Chapter 1
  • ​Why this one thing is what your customers look for (and how to know if you have it or put it into your business immediately)  – Chapter 1
  • ​What the ultimate social proof is (and how to get ASAP)  – Chapter 1
  • ​Who this is for… what industries, occupations, and job titles can become A.C.E.s (and what it will feel like to be one)  – Chapter 1
  • ​A.C.E. examples, how Tony Robbins does it (and what you can learn from him)   – Chapter 2
  • ​Coaching and Consulting A.C.E. secrets (how top coaches and consultants use A.C.E. to win)  – Chapter 2
  • ​The FIVE factors that make Tony Robbins an A.C.E. (and how you can apply them to your business now) – Chapter 2
  • ​What exactly defines an A.C.E. and A.C.E.-iness (and how this label makes you beaucoups money  – Chapter 2
  • ​What you can learn from direct response master Dan Kennedy’s A.C.E.-iness (and apply to your own business)  – Chapter 2
  • ​How to take immediate action and inventory of your office and business to look for A.C.E.-iness opportunities (and why you can’t afford not to)  – Chapter 2
  • ​Where to find other A.C.E.s right now (and what to look for)  – Chapter 2
  • ​A list of A.C.E.s you probably already know in various niches (so you know how to find the tell-tell signs and how to put them into place in your own business)  – Chapter 2
  • ​How to know if you should become an A.C.E or not (and what it could mean to your business)  – Chapter 3
  • ​A simple thought experiment to gauge your A.C.E.-readiness (so you know what life could be like)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How to know if you can raise rates right now or not (and what to do about it)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How A.C.E.-iness can decrease your customer acquisition costs, increase the quality of clients (and help you grow a better bottom-line business)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How A.C.E.-iness improves your advertising performance and your ROI  – Chapter 3
  • ​Do this one thing and never speak to plate-lickers, tire-kickers, and non-serious buyers again  – Chapter 3
  • ​This surprising, yet little known tactic to reduce churn (and hold onto great clients)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How to stop “selling” and never “sell” anyone anything (and endlessly attract perfect dream clients)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Use this one trick to put your business on “auto-pilot” (and take vacations whenever, wherever you want without fear)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Eliminate that nagging fear-inducing voice inside your head that keeps you awake at night (so you can sleep through the night like a bear in hibernation with confidence)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Be recognized by your peers and sought after by doing just one thing (and get paid what you’re worth)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Stop talking to NEVER talk to bad leads again (by doing this)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How to know if you should or shouldn’t become an A.C.E.  – Chapter 3
  • ​Recession-proofing your business  – Chapter 3
  • ​What all consultants, coaches, information marketers, tech founders, lawyers, dentists, doctors, and small business owners must do (or face obsolescence)  – Chapter 3
  • ​ROI secrets…how this one thing will explode your ROI (and give you the income you need to live a bigger life, provide for your family, and make a bigger impact) – Chapter 3
  • ​The dirty, hidden secrets about your credentials (that you fear is true, but are afraid of admitting it)  – Chapter 3
  • ​How to get into a market of one (so that your prospects can’t compare you to your competition)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Why you need to learn this one thing if you sell books, training programs, video courses, offer coaching programs, consulting packages, or professional services (and can’t afford to miss this)  – Chapter 3
  • ​Why everything you thought about becoming an authority, celebrity or expert is wrong (and how you can do it faster and easier than you thought) – Chapter 4
  • ​Learn exactly what credentialing, resume, or intellectual property you need to become an A.C.E.  – Chapter 4
  • ​Learn the one thing you absolutely MUST HAVE if you want to become an A.C.E.  – Chapter 4
  • ​Identify and confront the biggest obstacle between where you are and where you want to be (with this list…)  – Chapter 4
  • ​How to know if your lifestyle and daily habits are aligned with other would-be A.C.E.s  – Chapter 4
  • ​How to know what you should change (if anything) to get you on the path of A.C.E.dom right now  – Chapter 4
  • ​What Albert Einstein would tell you if you were to ask him  – Chapter 4
  • ​Why you shout set a goal, according to Jim Rohn, (and how this one concept could change your mindset instantly and get you to your goal faster)  – Chapter 4
  • ​How to know which “voice in your head” or which part of you to trust and how to move forward even if you’re scared, afraid, unsure, or worried  – Chapter 4
  • ​Discover the EXACT roadmap, the foundation, and the five levels you must master to become an A.C.E.  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why this one foundation is the most important part of the whole equation (and it’s also the easiest if you’re ready)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What Dan Kennedy, Magnetic Marketing, and Almost Alchemy have to do with becoming an A.C.E.  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why Brian Kurtz was right in Overdeliver and the importance of original source  – Chapter 5
  • ​How one “tech guru” teacher rips of other people’s ideas and what it looks like to someone who knows better  – Chapter 5
  • ​What Oscar Wilde would say about those who “bite your style” (and why it’s different than you would think)  – Chapter 5
  • ​How I react to imitators and all the copycatters (and why it’s good for my business)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Discover if marketing is everything or the only thing (and what the answer say about your business)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What the definition of entrepreneurship is, how you stack up (and what it says about your business)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What to do to get clients to -- as Dan Kennedy likes to say -- “pay, stay, and refer”  – Chapter 5
  • ​My controversial take on product, why it matters A LOT LESS than you think (and how focusing on product too much is crushing your business)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why A.C.E. marketing is different than everything else you’ve been taught (and why you need to learn it now or perish)  – Chapter 5
  • ​The four stages of business you need to master to plug a leaky funnel, achieve hyper growth, and build a business to last  – Chapter 5
  • ​The secret formula I used to build my empire  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to get extra help with the foundations of your business if you worry they aren’t strong (and get quick wins now)  – Chapter 5
  • ​The shortest possible distance to getting you from where you are to A.C.E.  – Chapter 5
  • ​The first two steps you need to take to become an A.C.E.  – Chapter 5
  • ​The five levels of A.C.E.dom  – Chapter 5
  • ​The two things you must master to guarantee that you become an expert  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why most people never make it past the expert stage (and how you can guarantee that you do)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Niche-nailing secrets… how you can outperform all the business development exercises you’ve ever done (and practically read your perfect customers’ minds)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Rocketship speed shortcuts you need if time is of the essence or you need quick, easy results now  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to know if your message is moving your market to respond cost effectively or if you’ve leaving hoards of cash on the table  – Chapter 5
  • ​How this one simple exercise can clarify your niche and your message at the speed of light  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why data is overrated and why you need to subordinate science and data to your informed intuition and reason (so you don’t bleed out cash with stupid, wasteful, and expensive experiments that don’t produce ROI)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What to do if you get stuck coming up with your message and your story (and if you need a proven framework that gets you results now)  – Chapter 5
  • ​The two things you must master to become an Authority that is beyond being an Expert  – Chapter 5
  • ​The hidden in plain sight reason you can remember certain details from your favorite movie, show, song, book, play, etc. (and how to use this “trick” in your business so that your customers remember you in the same positive way)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What authorities do with stories that separate them from experts (and how you can get started right now and get great results)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why “techno-speak” and product-feature jargon is killing your business, crushing your acquisition rates, and holding you back from the sales-tsunami you deserve (and how to fix it with this one shift)  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to construct a winning story and message that positions you as an A.C.E. (and compels your target audience to listen, buy, and share)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What to do with your story once it’s shippable (and what “going viral” really means)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why most referral campaigns that offer “ethical bribes” fail (and how to make sure yours succeeds)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What “Celebrities” do that “Experts” and “Authorities” only dream of doing (and how you can use this shortcut “hack” to do it at a fraction of the cost)  – Chapter 5
  • ​The two step formula you must execute to become a celebrity  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to evaluate your media mix (and why this one medium is the key to your A.C.E. kingdom)  – Chapter 5
  • ​What to do if you need to get results faster (and how to take action now)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why becoming a “Celebrity” isn’t enough… what you must do to stop copycatters, take on the thieves, and thwart those seeking to dethrone you  – Chapter 5
  • ​The two components of level four that you must master to expand your reach (and why you can’t afford to skip either one if you want to be an A.C.E)  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to know where to start from an ROI perspective  – Chapter 5
  • ​This dirty truth that pisses off most entrepreneurs (but holds the secret to maximizing all acquisition campaigns)  – Chapter 5
  • ​How getting this right makes your business optimally capital efficient  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to do master conversion campaigns and acquisition campaigns with this little-know, yet proven hack (and how it reliably drives you profits & balloons your ROI)  – Chapter 5
  • ​How to get results faster and without trial and waste  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why ignoring this medium guarantees that you will never be an A.C.E.  – Chapter 5
  • ​Friends or Foes: how to identify the difference and be the apex predator of your market  – Chapter 5
  • ​What blue water, red water markets can tell you about partnerships and synergies for expanding your A.C.E.dom  – Chapter 5
  • ​What special tool set you can use to defend your tribe from foes  – Chapter 5
  • ​What tool set you can use to grow your A.C.E. kingdom  – Chapter 5
  • ​What the Omega Method can teach you about this no-cost, geometric growth strategy (and why you can’t afford to ignore it)  – Chapter 5
  • ​Why your ongoing status as an A.C.E. depends on your mastery of level five (and what you should do to make sure you don’t cock up royally  – Chapter 5
  • ​A.C.E. Hacking — How Do You Get Started Fast? Get do-it-yourself and done-for-you resources  – Chapter 6
  • ​A.C.E. Acceleration — How Do You Speed Up Your A.C.E.?  Get do-it-yourself and done-for-you resources  – Chapter 7
  • ​A.C.E. Domination — How Do You Reach The Masses?  Get do-it-yourself and done-for-you resources  – Chapter 8
  • ​Learn a top secret weapon and strategy that will define a new generation of A.C.E.s for decades to come (and discover a precise formula and your options for deploying it in your business)  – Chapter 9
  • ​The difference between the industry average ROI and what you should expect on your marketing campaign ROI  – Chapter 10
  • ​How to know if you need help becoming an A.C.E.  – Chapter 10
  • ​The three paths you have to become an A.C.E. (and the cost of doing nothing) – Chapter 10
  • ​How to know if a staff member or team member or marketing personnel helps or hurts (and exactly what criteria you should use to decide) – Chapter 10
  • ​Should you do it yourself or hire someone else to help you become an A.C.E.? – Chapter 10
  • ​The nine criteria you must use to decide who to use to help you become an A.C.E. (and why you can’t ignore these unless you are prepared to pay for the mistake) – Chapter 10
  • ​How to know if someone is competent in Direct Response Marketing (and what you should say to find out) – Chapter 10
  • ​The hidden costs of training someone to do it (and why looking over his shoulder will cost you twice as much as you think) – Chapter 10
  • ​Why you need an information marketer to help you become an A.C.E. (and what to look for in a potential information marketing partner or coach) – Chapter 10
  • ​Why negative CAC for your core product must be your mindset (or you are doomed to be an amatuer and pay for it from your bottom line) – Chapter 10
  • ​Why it’s important for your A.C.E.-maker to have products and services for sale (and why you don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t) – Chapter 10
  • ​How to spot a copycat and why you want to work with original, not some pretender – Chapter 10
  • ​The value of working with someone who has turnkey relationships and a community of fellow A.C.E.s to your business (and how speed is everything in business) – Chapter 10
  • ​Why ROI focus should be the sole determining factor in your decision (and how to determine if someone is ROI obsessed or not) – Chapter 10
  • ​Why this behavioral trait is so essential and why you wouldn’t want to work with someone without it – Chapter 10
  • ​How business should extend your personal values and why you should work with someone whose values align with your own – Chapter 10
  • ​How you can be a part of empowering and enlightening 70 million people – Chapter 10
  • ​Why alpha males and alpha females are inferior to omega males and omega females – Chapter 10
  • ​How you can help make heaven on earth right now in this lifetime – Chapter 10
  • ​How to continue your journey on the path of  A.C.E.dom from here – Chapter 11
  • ​Why what you do now says everything about your character and your future – Chapter 11
  • ​How to become an Omega Man right now – Chapter 11
  • ​......
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